How Much is A Boob Job

Not us you be responsible and also just wear loose comfortable clothing I mean please do not wear super tight leggings or pants just something that you can get in and out of easily so now we’ll review instructions specific to breast augmentation with implants how come I got the ceiling one no no well yours that one definitely feels a.

how much is a boob job

Lot better okay so first we’ll start with medication instructions you will receive four medications one is an antibiotic catholics prevent infection and it’s very important that you start taking this as soon as you can after surgery and I tell people the easiest way to remember because this medication is four times a day to take one with each meal and then an extra one before bed the second medication is a prescription pain medication.

Which is called Norco and this is a combination of Tylenol and something to help you relax and honestly you should be off prescription pain medication within a day so you take this one every four hours or two every six hours yeah just as needed the sooner you can switch to tylenol the better because remember we talked about that constipation thing well the pain medication makes it a lot worse yes and the third medication is something called zofran which is an anti nausea medication and usually i like to tell people to take it about minutes wait and.

Then take the other medications because that way you have a little bit of anti-nausea medication in your system and i’ll preventing you from getting nauseous from the medications and also you don’t want to take any medication on empty stomach exactly the last medication is singular so singular is an allergy medication it’s used off-label for breast implants and in many patients it’s believed to prevent the formation of capsular contracture.

Which is the hard scar tissue a can form around your implant and I do everything in my surgery to prevent scar tissue formation so singular start at two weeks before your surgery and just keep taking it really there’s very minimal side effects yeah I think she says well protect yourself.

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